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Momentum Dance Competition is pleased to present our title competition: MAXIMUM MOMENTUM.


The Maximum Momentum Title is the highest award of the day for all dancers ages 9 and up, entered in the Advanced skill level. Achieving a Maximum Momentum Title requires dancers to master an all-inclusive experience. Contenders for this award are required to participate in our 3 different competitive segments: the solo competition, the improv contest, and the audition, which is an extension of our masterclass package. Combined scores from solo, improv and audition are calculated to determine Maximum Momentum placement. Ultimate and Extreme Title Winners will be awarded in the Junior Division, (ages 9-12), and in the Senior Division, (ages 13-18). 

Maximum Momentum Extreme Artists

All Maximum Momentum Contenders who score 375 or above out of 400 qualify for the Extreme Artist Award.

Extreme Artists receive an exclusive Maximum Momentum long-sleeved shirt.

Maximum Momentum Ultimate Artists

The title of Maximum Momentum Ultimate Artist will be awarded to one top-scoring Junior contender, and one top-scoring Senior contender.

Ultimate Artists will receive a full scholarship to Momentum Dance Competition’s 2024 event, a photoshoot with our photographer Katie Bruce including 10 edited images, a spotlight on our website and social media, plus an exclusive Maximum Momentum long-sleeved shirt.

Ultimate Title Winners will not be able to re-compete in the title competition the following season, but they may participate in the solo competition, improv contest and masterclasses separately


To register for the Maximum Momentum Title Competition, select the Maximum Momentum Title Competition Package ($345). The package fee includes registration for one solo, two masterclasses with Momentum judges, an improv workshop, the improv contest and the audition experience.

Dancers who are not registered for the Maximum Momentum Title Competition are invited to register for the Improv Contest, which includes an Improv Workshop. All dancers are welcome to register for Master Classes with judges.


Duos and trios are not eligible for the title competition.

Maximum Momentum solos are not eligible for Spotlight Awards, such as Best Costume or Best Choreography. Title contenders are welcome to compete one solo only in the title competition, but are not restricted from entering other solos in our standard competition.

Maximum Momentum contenders will be awarded first, second and third place awards in the improv contest in their own division, and will compete only against other Maximum Momentum contenders.

In the event of a mathematical scoring tie, the highest solo score will determine the title award winner. In the event that the solo scores are also a tie, the highest improv contest score will determine the award winner.

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