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Photography and video recording on ANY device is not permitted at Momentum. We will protect the privacy of all competitors and the intellectual property of all choreographers. Anyone in violation of this rule will forfeit all videos and photos, and will ejected from the competition. Momentum will offer photos after the event.

RULES: Props, Stage, Deadlines, Liability

  • Dangerous props are not allowed at any time, including fire or any weaponry.

  • Props are permitted, but must be managed as quickly as possible. Momentum staff and Covey Center employees will not assist with props.

  • It is the responsibility of the dancer and his/her family to ensure that the stage is clean and free of props, and that the backstage environment is absolutely safe.

  • Any dancer(s) creating hazardous conditions with their props will forfeit their privilege to use any props.

  • Paint, powder, chalk, glitter, feathers and smoke are absolutely not allowed. Dancer(s) who use these items will be financially responsible for all damage, and for all cleaning fees in accordance with the Covey Center.

  • The deadline for competition changes is March 10th, 2022. Changes will be rejected after this date.

  • Dancers should be prepared to perform 30 to 45 minutes before scheduled competition time. 

  • Judges are allowed to stop a dance in progress and request that it be repeated.

  • If equipment errors occur, such as music or lighting malfunctions, the dancer(s) have a choice to continue, or to restart.

  • Momentum reserves the right to alter rules at anytime without notice. Conflicts will be resolved by Momentum's Director, and/or the staff at the Covey Center.

  • All participants and parents must read and sign Momentum's liability waiver.


  • Upload your music when you register in MP3, WAV or M4A files only.

  • If absolutely necessary, we will accept music the day of the competition on a flash drive. Format requirements are precisely the same as above.

  • We recommend a backup device for your music, such as an iPod or iPhone. Please note: we will only play a track in a music or media player, we will not play tracks from an email or from a video.

  • Solos are limited to 2:45. Duos, Trios and Small Groups are limited to 3:00. There will be scoring penalties for exceeding this length.

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